Eastern Montana Trip

WFO occasionally provides competitive scholarships to help young people who are interested in field ornithology attend birding trips or conferences. The Pasadena Audubon/WFO Youth Scholarship fund was created to honor the memory of Mike San Miguel, a key contributor to and beloved friend of Pasadena Audubon and WFO. Applicants must be members of Western Field Ornithologists.

Mariena Swarens receives the 2014 Pasadena Audubon/WFO youth scholarship.

This Pasadena Audubon/WFO youth scholarship covers the registration fee, including food and lodging ($1950 value), but not transportation to or from the meeting place for the following field trip:

Eastern Montana with Ed Harper and Bruce Hallett
May 25-June 2, 2014.
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Mariena Swarens, a twenty year old young woman from Bend, OR is the recipient of the Pasadena Audubon/WFO scholarship to attend Western Field Ornithologists' Eastern Montana tour this spring. Mariena is an active member of East Cascades Audubon Society. Here is what she has to say about becoming a birder:

"I learned very quickly how gracious bird watchers are with their knowledge, opinions, and willingness to help others learn the tricks of the trade. This has taught me to be a kinder person in general, because the friendliness you receive is something you want to give back. And as I grow as a birder, I too have found myself wanting to teach everyone I know something about birds, including family, friends, co-workers and even strangers."

Congratulations Mariena.