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Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors of Western Field Ornithologists, Olympia, Washington, 22 August 2013. Photo by © Ron LeValley.

Left to right: Kimball L. Garrett, Board Member; Brian Sullivan, departing Board Member; Debbie Van Dooremolen, departing Board Member; Ed Harper, Board Member; Daniel Gibson, Board Member; Catherine Waters, incoming Board Member; Dave Shuford, Immediate Past President; Ed Pandolfino, President; Liga Auzins, Recording Secretary; Ken Able, Board Member; Robert E. Gill, Board Member; Frances Oliver, Board Member; Dan Singer, Board Member;†Robbie Fischer, Treasurer/Membership; Philip Unitt, editor Western Birds; Tom Blackman, incoming Board Member; Joyce Meyer, Board Member; Jon Dunn, incoming Board Member; Kurt Leuschner, Board Member.
Not shown: Osvel Hinojosa-Huerta, departing Board Member; Dave Quady, Vice President.


President: Ed Pandolfino, Sacramento, CA 95819, ERPfromCA@aol.com

Vice President: Dave Quady, 39 The Crescent, Berkeley, CA 94708, davequady@att.net

Treasurer/Membership Secretary: Robbie Fischer, 1359 Solano Drive, Pacifica, CA 94044, robbie22@pacbell.net

Recording Secretary: Liga Auzins, 12842 Safford East, Garden Grove, CA 92840, llauzins@yahoo.com

Immediate Past President: W. David Shuford, PO Box 69, Bolinas, CA 94924, dshuford@pointblue.org

Directors and Terms

Kenneth Able, California, kennethpable@gmail.com, 2014

Tom Blackman, California, obeach@cox.net, 2016

Jon Dunn, California, cerwa@earthlink.net, 2016

Kimball L. Garrett, California, kgarrett@nhm.org, 2015

Daniel D. Gibson, Alaska, avesalaska@gmail.com 2014

Robert E. Gill, Alaska, rgill@usgs.gov, 2015

Ed Harper, California, calidris@surewest.net, 2015

Kurt Leuschner, California, kleuschner@collegeofthedesert.edu, 2016

Joyce Meyer, Washington, meyer2j@aol.com, 2015

Frances Oliver, California, hummer52@sbcglobal.net, 2014

Dan Singer, California, dsg2@sbcglobl.net, 2014

Catherine Waters, California, cpannellwaters@gmail.com, 2016

Western Birds Editor

Philip Unitt, San Diego Natural History Museum, P.O. Box 121390, San Diego, CA 92112-1390, birds@sdnhm.org

Assistant Editor

Daniel D. Gibson, 3705 Quartz Road, Ester, AK 99725, avesalaska@gmail.com

Associate Editors

Kenneth Able, California, kennethpable@gmail.com

Daniel S. Cooper, California, lathrotriccus@gmail.com

Doug Faulkner, Colorado, pomjaeger@aol.com

Thomas Gardali, California, tgardali@prbo.org

Daniel D. Gibson, Alaska, avesalaska@gmail.com

Robert E. Gill, Alaska, rgill@usgs.gov

Paul E. Lehman, California, lehman.paul@verizon.net

Ronald R. LeValley, California, ron@madriverbio.com

Dan Reinking, Oklahoma, dreinking@ou.edu

Graphics Manager

Virginia P. Johnson, 4637 Del Mar Ave., San Diego, CA 92107, gingerj5@juno.com

Photo Editor

Peter LaTourrette, 1019 Loma Prieta Ct., Los Altos, CA 94024, petelat1@stanford.edu

Featured Photo Editor

John Sterling, 26 Palm Ave., Woodland, CA 95695, jsterling@wavecable.com

Book Reviews

Lauren Harter, 2841 McCulloch Blvd N #1, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403, lbharter@gmail.com


Catherine Waters, P.O. Box 3505; 25131 Alicia Dr., Dana Point, CA †92629, cpannellwaters@gmail.com

Special Publications

Kenneth P. Able, Bobís Creek Ranch, 535-000 Little Valley Rd. McArthur, CA 96056, KennethPAble@gmail.com



Past Rosters:

2012 Officers and Directors

2011 Officers and Directors

2010 Officers and Directors

2009 Officers and Directors