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Awards and Honors
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On June 13, 2015 WFO presented the Alan M. Craig Award to Guy McCaskie, at our annual conference in Billings, Montana.


President Dave Quady (“17”) presents the Alan M. Craig award to Guy McCaskie (“1”). Photo by Raymond VanBuskirk.

Guy was one of the six founders of California Field Ornithologists (CFO), which later became Western Field Ornithologists. He was also one of the founding editors of California Birds, and the author or co-author of a paper in each of its first six issues. He served for two years as the first President of CFO, and served as a director of CFO and WFO for several subsequent years.

Guy was also a founder of the California Bird Records Committee. He served the CBRC continuously in one capacity or another from 1970 through 2014, except when term limits required him to step aside for a year. Perhaps most significantly he served as the committee’s non-voting secretary continuously for fourteen years before stepping down in January 2015. He was re-elected a member of the California Bird Records Committee in January 2016.

In 1987, Western Field Ornithologists instituted the Alan M. Craig Award, to be given "on an irregular basis for exceptional service to the organization." The award’s name honors another individual who, like Guy, was both a founding member of the organization and a founding editor of California Birds. In 1973, when the organization expanded its range of interest and California Birds became Western Birds, Alan became the journal’s editor. He guided the publication in that role for another fourteen years. Fittingly, Alan was the first recipient of the Alan M. Craig Award, in 1987. Virginia (Ginger) P. Johnson was the second recipient, in 2010, and Guy was the third.


In 2015 Western Field Ornithologists’ Board of Directors honored two other individuals with special certificates: Pierre Devillers and Jean Terschuren. Like Alan Craig, Ginger Johnson, and Guy McCaskie, Pierre and Jean were also founders of the organization and co-editors of California Birds during its first two years of publication, and each contributed significant papers to the journal during that period. Pierre’s and Jean’s active involvement in Western Field Ornithologists ended during the organization’s early years, when they moved to Belgium, Pierre’s home country. Happily, both of them attended our annual conference in San Diego in 2014, where they were able to share in celebrating WFO’s founding, and its history. The Board created and sent special commemorative certificates to Pierre and Jean in August 2015.

Guy McCaskie (left) visits with Pierre Devillers and Jean Terschuren in San Diego, October 11, 2014. Photo by Ed Pandolfino.