WFO Board & Western Birds Staff Trip to Zzyzx, California
9–11 October 2015

Getting great looks at a very accommodating Black-throated Blue Warbler (L to R) are WFO Vice-President, Tom Blackman, Steve Rose, Associate WB editor Dan Cooper, WFO Board Members Diane Rose and Homer Hansen, Western Birds editor Phil Unitt, WFO Outreach Liaisons Cliff Hawley, WFO Board Members Susan Kelly and Cat Waters, Elisabeth Ammon of the Great Basin Bird Observatory, Board Member Frances Oliver, Carol Beardmore of the Fish and Wildlife Service, WFO Recording Secretary, Liga Auzins, WFO friends Tom Wurster and Robert Waters. Photographs by Ed Harper, 10/10/15, 17.30, Zzyzx, California. Click photos for larger images.