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Awards and Honors
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Jean has served as WFO’s Recording Secretary for the past six years, keeping the minutes of our board meetings and furnishing us with a well-organized chronicle of our board’s deliberations and our organization’s activities.

However, many of you may know Jean as the inconceivably organized superwoman who has long managed at 0-dark-thirty a.m. to organize the departures for the morning field trips at WFO conferences. Jean took it upon herself to do this, waking up before the rest of us, seeing to it that the trips departed on time, and rarely getting to go on a field trip herself.

The rest of each year, Jean has long kept busy promoting birding, ornithology, and conservation through the Los Angeles Audubon Society, the Los Angeles Zoo, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, and other organizations. A prominent figure with Los Angeles Audubon since the 1970s, Jean served both as President of the chapter and as Editor of The Western Tanager. She led innumerable field trips, hosted meetings, and for many years served as the voice of L.A. Audubon’s weekly telephone tape of bird sightings.

One of Jean’s key contribution to field ornithology was her vital role in ensuring the publication of Kimball Garrett’s and Jon Dunn’s 1981 book, Birds of Southern California: Status and Distribution. Jean personally saw to it that L.A. Audubon published this volume, and she worked hard to help with aspects of its production. Garrett and Dunn each note that the book is dedicated to her for this reason.

Jean has traveled the globe to study birds and other aspects of the natural world, while also honing an intimate knowledge of the avifauna of the Los Angeles region. A long-time co-compiler of the Malibu Christmas Bird Count, she has made the Sepulveda Basin in Encino her local “patch,” while making her yard a haven for wildlife.

Supremely organized and determined to work efficiently and accurately, Jean put her skills into action with film distribution for a major studio, and then as coordinator of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County's Gem and Mineral Council. She retired from that position in 2010.

Western Field Ornithologists is proud to honor and to thank Jean for her many years of dedicated volunteer effort on behalf of WFO and field ornithology in the west.