Awards and Honors

Awards and Honors
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Pasadena Audubon Society

Serving the West San Gabriel Valley, Pasadena Audubon Society (founded 1904) is the oldest Audubon Chapter in California. Over 106 years old, the Chapter’s commitment to youth goes back over ninety years when, in 1918, they became concerned that boys were having their attention diverted to Europe and the trenches of WWI and set up a program to further direct the attention of young people to nature.

With their active field schedule, for which Mike San Miguel was an enthusiastic leader, Pasadena Audubon Society maintains programs that “bring the excitement of birds to our community through birding, education and the conservation of bird habitats”. Because Western Field Ornithologists and Pasadena Audubon Society were two important birding organizations in Mike's life, the Board of Directors of Pasadena Audubon Society decided to establish a youth scholarship within WFO in Mike's name.

Western Field Ornithologists wishes to honor Pasadena Audubon Society for originating and funding Pasadena Audubon/WFO Youth Scholarship Fund to advance young field ornithologists.

Left to right: Grace Wong Treasurer, Bev McKenzie, Lois Fulmer, Mark Hunter, Deni Sinnott, Mary Jane Macy, Kathi Ellsworth Secretary, Will Fulmer (with plaque) President, Lance Benner, Ron Cyger, Linda Moore, Norm Arnheim, Vice President, John Garrett, Mark Scheel, Lew Hastings, Laura Garrett. Susan Gilliland was absent.